Thinking Of Selling Your Home? This is How We Evaluate It.

Why evaluate it with us? We are real estate professionals. We are not computer-based software algorithms throwing numbers in the air

The Truth About Home Value

Most internet-based home valuation sites are done by digital online data statistics computer-generated software. The majority of those companies promise you a fast home valuation turnaround. Their main goal is to capture your personal information and sell it to real estate professionals like us. Most of those companies even not located in your state or market that they are evaluating. They are just a middleman. Working directly with us will assure you that your personal information is secure and, that you are getting the most accurate home valuation.


Collecting accurate data.

When CRG Homes NJ real estate agent work with a seller we understand they do not like leaving money on the table. In the analysis, we take all general data, national, regional, and local trends are emphasized. Supply and demand data are studied to understand the competitive position of the property in its market. In an analysis of specific data, a set of properties most like the subject property is studied. The analysis of comparable properties helps an appraiser extract specific sale prices, rental terms, incomes and expenses, rates of return on investments, construction costs, economic life estimates, and rates of depreciation. These figures are used in the calculations that result in indications of value for the subject property.


Highest and Best Use Analysis

The first step we take at CRG HOMES NJ Real estate services is to estimate the market value of your property. We run the highest and best use analysis to identify the most profitable and competitive use to maximize its value. The highest and best use of a property reflects a basic assumption about real estate market trends to determine the price a buyer will pay or a seller will accept for that property.


CRG HOMES NJ Real estate services valuation steps.

When we collect data. Some of it you will give us and some we retrieve from other sources. If you decide to move forward with a detailed valuation for listing the home with us, we will have to see the property. Although, we have all the tools to analyze a property and give you a ballpark estimated value. We are not familiar with the inside of the house. It is a crucial point that we will need to address to establish an accurate market value. For example, if the property is structured as a railroad-type layout home, that can affect the useability and the value of the property. After inspecting the house and follow the three steps of the cost approach, sales comparison approach, and income capitalization approach, we will achieve reconciliation of value indications and final opinion of value.

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